Within the framework of the NICHE Project, four pilot thematic tours of gastro-tourism interest have been designed, covering geographically the following municipalities and villages: Agios Konstantinos, Agkouseliana, Alikampos, Argiroupoli, Armenoi, Asfendos, Asi Gonia, Askifou, Episkopi, Georgioupoli, Kallikratis, Kavenos, Kournas, Mariou, Mouri, Myrthios, Pirgos, Plakias, Rethymno, Roustika, Sellia, Tria Monastiria, Vryses, with the Cretan Gastronomy Center in Argyroupoli, Rethymno as their reference point.

With the main goal of raising, promoting and stimulating local entrepreneurship, the tours aspire to:

  1. Attract as many potential visitors as possible.
  2. Leave satisfied almost all visitors.
  3. Provide the possibility of “freedom of movement” to visitors (space, time, activity).
  4. Provide a comprehensive tourist experience.
  5. Have as a reference point the Cretan Gastronomy Center.

At a next stage, similar tours are foreseen to be created in other areas of the Regional Unit of Rethymno.